Punk Soho

Although situated down a side street just off Oxford Street in what would normally be considered West End clubbing territory, Punk is very unapologetically Soho in every way. Many clubs in the West End attract crowds with the promise of glitz, glamour, diamonds and champagne when all they really have to offer is plastic chandeliers and cheap sparkling wine. Punk has gone for a very different approach to its neighbours adopting a more funky and edgy feel that would be more at home in the trendy club scenes of Shoreditch or Soho. The ultra trendy surroundings partnered with excellent DJs who regularly mash up chart favourites with more alternative sounds satisfy all the different tastes keeping everyone happy. The crowd as expected is less glamorous than other West End clubs but in many ways just as fashionable. Every now and then you will bump into people dressed in wonderfully garish outfits which are more than welcome at Punk.

For the average West End clubber the drinks in Punk may not seem expensive but students on a budget will disagree. Even on a cheaper night you can expect to pay £5 for a beer and close to £10 for a double spirit and mixer. However on a more positive note entrance to the club is normally very reasonable usually between £5-£10. As mentioned before the crowd is less glamorous and so there is no specific dress code as such. However it is still a relatively smart venue so wearing your muddy trainers isn’t recommended but a clean pair and some smart jeans should be fine. So if you sometimes find the West End a bit pretentious and feel more at home in the funky ambience of Soho then Punk is definitely worth a try.

Overall 8/10

14 Soho Street, W1D 3DN


Punk SoHo

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One Response to Punk Soho

  1. Lauren Reiss says:


    My name is Lauren and I work for PUNK nightclub. I am writing to let everyone know that we have a student night on Mondays from 9pm-3. It costs £5 with a student card and £7 without. Hope to see everyone there!

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